"Providing blind people with the dignity of independence through employment"

Opportunity East   

What is offered at Opportunity East

Vocational Evaluation- aids in making career choices and identifies the nature and extent of necessary training.

Rehabilitation Teaching- provides the student with adaptive skills and aids to compensate for sensory loss.

Orientation and Mobility- instruction enables people who are blind to move about safely and independently.


Low Vision Services - includes a sensory aid assessment with high-powered magnifiers or telescopes to allow the client to recognize various target or print sizes from a variety of distances.

Vocational Training- at Opportunity East permits person to gain “first time” work experience in  a productive environment while others receive specific on-the-job training leading to employment within the industry.

Technical Training- on assistive technology and basic computer skills is available as appropriate to the individual.

Job Readiness Training- time is spent on preparation for the interview, resume writing skills, and mock interview with a local business leader.

Tennessee Business Enterprises- trains and licenses legally blind persons who are qualified to manage a large, multifaceted food services business.

Placement and Job Retention Services- provide a Vocational Evaluation, Job Readiness Training, and assistance in finding employment.  Job sampling is available to provide training and assurance that the employee and employer are satisfied with the job being performed.  Job coaching is also available to assist the individual in maintaining their employment because longevity is the ultimate goal.

Housing- is available for clients receiving rehabilitation services.  The Dormitory provides a comfortable home like setting for those participating in our various rehabilitation and vocational training programs.